Ghanaians Lambast Nana Addo For Consoling France Over The Burning Of Notre Dame

Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo, the President of the Republic have come under fire after ignoring the woes of Ghanaians who died in flood these past days to console France over Notre Dame Cathedral that caught fire…

Nana Addo in a tweet said “Ghanaians” and himself were shocked that Notre Dame caught fire, and that we send our sorrys to the French for what they’re going through because a building caught fire.

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Many Ghanaians found it unacceptable that a president can be so apathetic to Ghanaians and families who lost their loved ones in the Accra floods to rush and spread his condolences to a foreign country over a building that engulfed flame and recorded no casualties.

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Here is how they decided to express their disdain!

PapaQuasy wrote; “Why is the presidency of Ghana so quick in sending commiserating messages to foreign nationals when natural disasters befall them but can’t do same for its citizens? Over the past week, about 10 Ghanaian lives lost thru rains, and no message from the presidency and here they are”.

Deborah Busumbru also stated; “You’re so fast to tweet when something happens outside Ghana but it takes days, sometimes weeks to tweet about things happening here.smh”

WinkyWorld commented; “You are there given condolences to uninvited issues. Ya fr3 wo? Di wo fie asem mtcheeeew! Look at how PDS is using our gadgets as consoles, I don’t know whether is grand theft they are playing or Contra?”.

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