Security Expert Gives ‘Analysis’ On Why Anas’s ‘Staged Videos’ And Petition Should Be Snubbed By The Government.

Irbard Ibrahim, a security expert has advised the Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo NPP led government to focus on delivery to the people of Ghana what it promised them, rather than concentrate on Anas’s online petition and investigative works.

According to Irbard who described Anas’s videos as staged, this rampant release of exposé could be an attempt to sway the government off of it’s path of working for the people.

To him, he see no point in the government wasting it’s time on exposé and petitions when it has a short time to deliver on it’s promises before the next general elections.

Irbard Ibrahim

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He posted:

“I humbly urge His Excellency and his Government to be smart enough not to be swayed by so called petitions and exposes that keep popping up ever so often.

I am not God, but when you read between the lines, you’ll realize that this could be a ploy hatched in the bowels or dead of the night to distract Government from realizing its campaign promises to the good people of Ghana.

If this Government continues to follow such leads, by the time it says Jack, it is out of power.

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Someone accused President Kwesi Nyantakyi based on a staged movie. Government has taken an action in that regard. What is the essence of teaching the Attorney General her job?

Nana Addo has very little time left to present concrete achievements to the good people of Ghana in his re-election bid and he and his appointees should not allow themselves to be swayed and distracted by these so-called petitions and exposes.

Not even one million signatures should stampede Government into veering off its natural course. This and others could be baits meant to distract.

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I urge the good people of Ghana to stick to substance rather than sensationalism on all national issues.

A word to the wise is enough!

Earlier this week, Anas opened an online petition to get Nyantakyi prosecuted because according to Aremeyaw, the police have finished with their investigations since 2018, yet the Attorney General hasn’t raised a finger to bring Nyantakyi to book.

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