Son murders his father for stepping on his iPhone

A son has murdered his own father in cold blood after the father accidentally stepped on his iPhone…

23 year old Leng Huon and friends were having a night filled with alcohol and loud music, when his Dad came out because of inability to sleep.

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Leng Huon reportedly dropped his phone and his father accidentally stepped on it, starting an argument between them.

The 50 year old man hit his son which eranged Leng to hack his dad with an axe, killing him instantly.

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the son was angry with the father for stepping on his phone and breaking it and also for kicking him,” he said. “He then took the axe and hacked his father on the head, neck and chest, instantly killing him” – Local police Captain Chuon Samnang explained.

Leng Huon reportedly fled from the house after he murdered his father, but was arrested by commune police at about 3am on Saturday.

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